Background: Jennifer Campbell's passion for music began with her mother, as they would often perform daily duets together. Jennifer soon began performing choral/vocal music more exclusively by joining choirs starting at the age of 9 and continuing every year after. She graduated California State University of Long Beach with a double degree in Vocal Performance and Music Education. It was here that she shared many musical experiences including performing in the Bob Cole Chamber Choir, an internationally recognized award winning choir. She also has a wide variety of other performance experiences including singing background on a tv show, sharing classical recitals, performing in operas, and musical theatre. During her studies, she also gained many useful educational skills such as playing piano and teaching students with exceptionalities. Her eventual goal will be to teach choirs and music classes of her own in a high school setting.

Besides music, Jennifer is truly passionate about children and youth and hopes to support and encourage young minds to be well-rounded, expressive, and knowledgeable humans through the art of music. As part of her philosophy, she believes that all people have the intrinsic ability to learn and succeed in music and desires to share that belief with every student she teaches. She also believes that as a teacher she has the unique opportunity to encourage people to believe in themselves enough to chase their dreams.

Jennifer's pre-paid Half-Hour Lesson Rates:

1 lesson = $41
4-Pack = $152 ($38 per lesson)
10-Pack = $360 ($36 per lesson)
26-Pack = $884 ($34 per lesson)

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Teaches: piano, voice
Styles: All Styles