Background: Joey started on guitar at age 14 and was tutored by fellow church musicians as he played at several churches in the South Bay. He then pursued musical education and graduated with a music major from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He's been teaching guitar, bass, drums, and ukulele to both children and adults for over 5 years. He's also played in a Latin music group where he was the guitarist, then the bassist and lastly the drummer. He appreciates and admires all music genres and is very up to date on current music trends and innovations.

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1 lesson = $41
4-Pack = $152 ($38 per lesson)
10-Pack = $360 ($36 per lesson)
26-Pack = $884 ($34 per lesson)

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Joey Carreras
Teaches: guitar, drums,
Styles: All Styles
bass and ukulele