This website provides credit card processing for Private Educators. You can also read about their education, qualifications, student policies, rates and more by clicking on their name below. Educators are listed in alphabetical order by first name.
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Al Pimentel teaches all woodwind instruments.
Eddy Robles teaches guitar, bass and ukulele.
Elena Chapovalova teaches piano and classical voice.
Blake Baldwin teaches guitar, bass and ukulele.
David Morales teaches piano and voice.
Chloe Tang teaches piano and voice.
Charissa Saunders teaches piano.
Catherine Gardener teaches piano.
Anthony Hernandez teaches violin and piano.
Gabriel Feldman teaches drums, guitar, bass, uke.
Jennifer Campbell piano and voice.
Joe Turner teaches drums and percussion.
Johnny Vandenburg teaches trumpet.
Josie Boyer teaches cello, violin and piano.
Kristina Craig teaches piano.
Marcy Hokama teaches piano.
Mary Pimentel teaches piano, voice and clarinet.
Nailah Middleton teaches piano, voice and harp.
Ralph Watkins teaches trombone, trumpet and baritone.
Shannon Howard teaches piano and voice.
Tod McLeod teaches guitar, bass, voice, uke and piano.
Terrence Taylor teaches piano and voice.
Jessica Collaco piano and voice.
Joey Carreras teaches guitar, bass, drums and ukulele.
Jasmine Sorensen tutors K-12.
Lauren Stachura tutors K-12.